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"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

Custom Software

We have been doing custom software since we were teenagers. We have done custom software for clients across the US and Canada. For companies in many different industries. We can help you get that idea out and work on it through all the stages of development. We can help deploy to production and stay to help with on going maintance of the software. Or if you have a project already started, or even 'finished', we are able to parachute into the middle of it and help bring it into production or take over maintainance of an existing application.



Need help making sense of that data you have collecting? We can sit down with you and come up with custom reports. We can use your tool of choice or we can provide one for you, and help turn that mountain of data into actionable meaningful information.


Data Conversions

Are you switching systems? Moving from one database to another? Do you not have the specs of what your moving from? We can help convert your existing data into a new system.


Database Design

We are capable of working with pretty much any back end. We have worked with ORACLE, Sybase, Microsoft SQL, Pervasive, and others. We are able to design the database or come in and help improve performance of an exisiting database. We are here to help.


Clarion Software Consulting

We have been working with Clarion Software since the days of DOS and CFD 3. Our experince covers all versions from CPD 2 all the way to Clarion 11. We worked for Topspeed Consulting from early 1998 until they closed down. We are experience in using many of the thirdparty products or creating our own templates as needed. We have been providing Clarion consulting to companies through out the US and Canada since that time.

We can parachute into the middle of a project and assist other developers or take over the project and see it to implemenation and continue on after with maintance for as long as needed. We enjoy building up long term relationships with our clients.


Clarion Consulting
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